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Hi, welcome to the WordCraft testing family

Say goodbye to mundane word games. WordCraft invites you to bend, break, and blend words to solve puzzles! Tired of the same old word puzzles that offer no room for creativity? Stuck in a world of crosswords and word searches that feel more like chores than challenges? Words are more than just letters in WordCraft - their meanings matter, and this is a puzzle game that respects that. Explore the peaceful town of Lexicon Valley with your trusty guide Rico the Parrot as you uncover the mystery of The Commodore's disappearance, and quickly learn there's more to this town than meets the eye... * MERGE literally any words to create something new * SPLIT words into components, both physical and conceptual * INTENSIFY words to go to the extreme * and more! Challenge your intellect, expand your vocabulary, and enjoy an infinite landscape of puzzles bounded only by your creativity. Explore Lexicon Valley or just experiment in the sandbox and create your own custom levels to share! Create unique neighbors for your friends and solve entirely unique puzzles for them! Complete a tough daily challenge puzzle for better rewards, and see how you stack up against the world!

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